Whazz bloggin you and me

Whazz bloggin you and me

Andreaz' Nook New Year Give-away

As I browse on my multiply account for new product posting I came across this awesome give away from my contact Andrea Karlsan.  She's raffling her Vintage dateless planner together with 3 pieces vintage rings. To join, please visit the link below and complete the required instructions to gain more raffle entries.  Promo ends January 22, 2012. Good luck!

Here's the link:  http://waitwhosaidthat.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-tumblrs-blog-warming-giveaway.html#more


The Sacrifice of a Mom, the Wife and Woman

In our lives, as an individual female human being, there comes a time when not every thing matters. Not even yourself. It's just going to be them always, your kids and your husband. The 'Me' time is out of the question, you no longer shop for yourself, to buy clothes, shoes, accessories like you used to; you can't go out to watch a movie with your friends; you can't just go the salon and do your hair and nails... In short, you have no more time to pamper yourself and experience the happy-go-lucky you were, instead it's all about your family.  

As a mother to my two adorable kids, Mishka and Tristan, it's a priceless thing to be with them 24/7. Being with your kids will never be a boring time at all because of their restlessness, naughty deeds, tricky gestures etc. name it they'll do it. It was never a feeling of regret for me that I won't be able to do the things I used to do when I was still single. I know I have to make sacrifices even if it means not having fun on the outside world.

There were times I am out of sync, almost to the point of going crazy because of the things that are piled up in front of me; the washing of the clothes, cleaning of feeding bottles, cooking, cleaning the room, not to mention the daily routine of bathing the kids and tending to their every needs. So exhausting! But when time comes that you're alone for just a minute or two, maybe in the bathroom or just drinking water downstairs, you will still smile and realize there's nothing to complain about, for you have done the most rewarding job of all.The hugs and kisses they give you can never be replaced and it would just ease every negative feelings you may ever have.

When you say, you are a full time mom, you won't say the 'just' word, like you are belittling yourself wherein you are everything everyone depends on. Always take pride when you say the words that you are, for you have all the means and ways to experience the essence of being a mom, the wife and woman.

A mom is called this label because of respect and strength that she possesses.  The wife, because of her patience and understanding in all aspects of marriage life. Woman, because of being a plain creation of God she has to put up with all the expectations that has been carried over her shoulders.  The things we do for our family has never been because of responsibility or obligation or that being a mother or wife, but because it is in our instinct and 'gusto' that we do the things we're meant to do.  The sacrifices will no longer be sacrifices if we carry it lightly and accept it as a blessing in disguise because if we have not done what we're supposed to do as a mom and a wife, we won't be experiencing the happiness and fulfillment of being with a family that will love you no matter what. If you have considered it a burden of not being able to enjoy life outside, then you're not worthy of their love, because you see them as a hindrance to your dreams where in fact they should be your dream-come-true.  Hypocrite are those who are saying they have not wished of having a family of their own. Everyone needs it. It made us who we are and what we are and where we are right now. So for all the mothers out there, who have embraced this life knowing there are obstacles and imperfections in family relationships, but still be able to make everything run smoothly within the confines of our home, a big, BIG THANKS to all of you.  As the saying goes, 'Mawala na ang tatay sa bahay, wag lang ang nanay' is indeed true, but take note that behind every successful family especially children lies the presence of a father, for a family consists of it, always remember that.  But I'm not in negation to those single moms who have raised a wonderful child, somehow they've been with a father-figure if not their biological father, for a woman have not grown up without a man in her life, be it an Uncle, a Godfather or a family friend, there is always someone like them to look up to.

I hope this article I wrote have opened up some thoughts in you that everything is a blessing to us and that everything happens for a reason.  For all the male species that read this, thanks for your time, and I hope you'll somehow be more careful and more loving handling your family, realizing that we, moms and wives, are not SUPERWOMAN, we just have to do what we're supposed to do even if it means carrying the whole refrigerator and washing machine as the need arises. We consider these 'sacrifices' no longer sacrifices when it is appreciated with kisses and hugs and sweet nothings.

Happy New Year to all! Start 2012 the right way.

The CHARM of CVMP (Come Visit My Philippines) Facebook Page

Twenty nine thousand plus members wouldn't seem to be a huge deal when it comes to Facebook pages especially if it includes contest, promos and all sorts of gimmicks just to attract FB users to like their pages. These figures that I mentioned were accumulated not because they have some sort of contest or anything, but simply because of one goal , one mission - to promote tourism in our country, the Philippines.

The overwhelming response of Filipinos all over the world have become sort of phenomenal. Never you could imagine that it would reach this huge number of so called ambassadors in just less than three months, and still growing. The pioneer administrators of this Facebook page Come Visit My Philippines are Ms. Bessie Badilla, one of the Most outstanding Filipinos in New York and her friends Mr. Alex Baguio and Mr. Francois Medina.  They just thought it would be a great way of promoting the beauty and culture of the Philippines by posting photos of anything and everything related to our beloved country. They never imagined that Filipinos would respond so quickly that in just 24hours of the page's existence their members reached 3,500 and the rest is history.

Good thing they thought of creating a CVMP Coffee Table Book that includes all the winning entries of their weekly categories, to name a few: Church and Cathedral, Flora and Fauna, Seaside/Seascape, Sunrise/Sunset and Christmas in the Philippines category.  Instructions for posting include the Title of the photo and group tagline COME VISIT MY PHILIPPINES. The members have the liberty to vote for an entry/entries by clicking the Like button of the corresponding photo.  Out of all the entries in each category, the administrators will chose 10 or 20 photos with the most likes and then they will decide what photo entry deserves to win and automatically will have a spot in their coffee table book, which now is currently being published by Apple. Here are some of the photos that caught my interest:




Tinu-ay Falls in Surigao del Sur, photo entry by Loel Lamela


When you become a member of CVMP, you will feel privileged of witnessing how beautiful our country is. You will then realized that the beautiful and amazing locations being shared by fellow members are coming from the Philippines.

Just like this photo of the Tinu-ay Falls above, it's a spectacular view and it's here in our country and yet most of us dreamed of going abroad because they want to experience adventure and witness the beauty of some tourists spots in other countries without having a clue that everything you wished to see is just right here.

CVMP promotes our country not only to foreigners but also to encourage our Kababayans to go back to their homeland and visit the wonderful sites they've seen on this page and placed on their bucket list.  They will feel a sense of nostalgia in some ways just by looking at common sights they used to go to or Filipino food they used to eat in their childhood or town fiestas they used to attend to.

I would like to give my high respect to the administrators of Come Visit My Philippines for such a successful gesture of kindness, humility and selfless act of helping our Department of Tourism promote our country globally. Their efforts have been tremendously appreciated by our Kababayans, common people like me, some foreign members because the existence of CVMP had made a great impact in our lives, we were able to communicate with people whom we never met and yet sharing common thoughts, laughs and smiles. We were united even when we're thousands of miles apart. Thank you so much Ms. Bessie Badilla, you really deserved that label of being an Outstanding Filipino,that really shows your love for our country. To Mr. Alex Baguio and Mr. Francois Medina, and new admins  Frederick Maniquis, Francis Murphy, Fletcher Callanta, Giboy Sarayba, Melo Martinez, Jay Sta Barbara, Raphael Meija Salonga, Marita Barral, Xaviera Van Polanen Petell, Ronnie Leonardo and Miguel Sarmiento and I'm sorry for those I forgot to mention, we would like to thank you also for the time spent in answering some questions, accomodating new added friends, even if some members are not obeying the rules you still have that patience in you not to go loco over them. Keep it up and if the time comes, which I think will be soon, that CVMP has reached one million members you will still be the same person with great composure and patience.

This coming December 21, 2011, the members of Come Visit My Philippines will be having a FATLAK reunion, as they say, at the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Some members abroad will be coming home just to join this history-in-the-making event.  Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. of the DOT will also be attending and for sure it will be a successful gathering of the minds and hearts of wonderful ambassadors of our country. Mabuhay kayo lahat and good luck on this upcoming event.

Here's a screenshot of the FB page when I finished writing my blog. Awesome figures. Ciao!



Quezon City International Marathon is giving away free race kits.... hurry sign up now

This fun run event is a joint project of RUNNEX, organizers of the marathon, Pinoy fitness and SMDC properties.  There will be a raffle prize of a SMDC condominium unit for those who bought the Race kits. Unfortunately for those who will be given a free race kit they will not be included in the raffle though they are qualified to receive the event race t-shirt and freebies after finishing the race. The free race kits will be given to the first 50 who will be posting a comment on this link  http://www.littlerunningteacher.com/im-giving-away-50-free-race-kits-for-quezon-city-international-marathon/#comment-2058  There will be a 5k and 10k kits up for grabs.

Register and leave a comment now. Hurry up.




Finally learned how to make a custard cream through the help of Nestle Philippines and Enderun Colleges

Two months ago, if I'm not mistaken, I joined the Nestle D'Lite Cream Challenge on Facebook. I posted photos of the two recipes I made using the said product,   Chicken Afritada in a creamy d'lite sauce and Ground Pork and Fried Tofu in a creamy cheesy sauce. Both recipes have superb taste with the help of Nestle D'Lite cream.  

Ground Pork and Fried Tofu in a creamy cheesy sauce


 As usual the Facebook contest is about having more votes by Like counts. My Pork category recipe was picked by the Nestle organizers as my  entry for the Cook-off challenge held at Nestle Center Rockwell Makati last October 27. It was a great experience and we get to meet two wonderful chefs Nancy Lumen and Tess of Nestle (thanks for the free Nestle Cookbook).

Nestle Creamy Delight Cook off winners with Chef Nancy Lumen and Chef Tess of Nestle


We were 7 participants at the time of the cook-off and became instant friends maybe because we all have the same interest: cooking. We simply connected with each other harmoniously. My instant friends were Imelda Tihume from Las Pinas, Christine Rivera from Cavite, Jags Calzadora from Muntinlupa, Maricel Quitalig from Bulacan, Ogie Asuncion and Cheng Aurelio.  When it's time to announce the winners for the challenge we we're all amaze because Nestle declared us all to be winners and deserving of their prizes which include a Dinner for 2 worth 5,000pesos themed by Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World and a 5-saturday Short Course Culinary Class at Enderun College, a famous university for Culinary courses not to mention a really expensive college.

Well, we started our culinary class on my son Tristan Lucian's 2nd birthday,  November 12th from 9 in the morning until 12noon. We enjoyed a lot and ate a lot of course. Our recipes were not that easy because we get to fillet a unique fresh water fish and my nail was sliced 3 times, good thing my finger was not included, thanks to my thick nail. It was only the first day of class but I have learned a lot and of course the most exciting part for me was the dessert, we prepared  Vanilla Mille-Feuille  with Strawberries. I have attempted several times and failed and never get the taste I expected for my custard cream, but because of this culinary class Voila! my wish came true. And now this sweet recipe will always be on my gathering  and party list and probably on ordinary days too.

Vanilla Mille-Feuille with Strawberries


Unfortunately for me, I wouldn't be able to attend the remaining classes anymore, though it's important for me and I really love learning new recipes but my kids are still my priority and if no one could look after them while I'm away for 4hours I'd rather stay home and be with them.

Sorry to my new found friends especially TinTin because she's my cooking partner and we really did well on the first day of cooking. Will surely miss them and I hope to see them also someday, probably on our dinner I guess.

Thanks to Nestle Philippines and Chef Thomas of Enderun College for the experience of doing what I love and maybe someday when my kids are all grown-up opportunities like this for me will be of ease fulfillment.

It's a wrap. Gotta catch some sleep. If you want a copy of the recipes, just leave a comment with your email add and i'll send it to you.


Marie's Thoughts Advance Birthday Give-away - open globally

Just recently opened a blog site, reading fellow bloggers experiences and encountered this great birthday give-away from Marie's Tthoughts, here's their link  http://www.marieclara.info/2011/11/maries-thoughts-advance-birthday.html  Marie, the blogger celebrant will be giving away 2 Revlon Colorstay Lipstick at the end of the promol period. It will be your choice of color shade in case you get lucky. Join now and click the link above. I joined her promo give-away, who knows I might get lucky too.

Never had a Revlon before. Maybe I'll get one soon and blog about it.



If it's METRODEAL it's a deal.... Ensemble e-travel scam

I have heard the news about the scam on e-travel vouchers particularly those purchased from Metrodeal's 50% off on Palawan vacation inclusive of airfare, meals and island tour package. I just had a glance on it on 24 oras in GMA channel 7 news and said to myself "buti nalang di ako nagpurchase ng mga ganyan, mapapahamak pako".

Days passed by, I suddenly thought of my Uncle Fred from Canada, told us he'll be giving away a free trip to Palawan for 2 with the travel package i mentioned, well unfortunately, he was victimized by that scam and my excitement  on our upcoming reunion raffle draw diminished.  It's just so sad how people would do such things to their fellow people, knowing in the end they will caught and be sued and might pay more from they have earned through that scam.  Well the fight is still on and I told my uncle that I'll be dealing with Metrodeal regarding their purchase. Let us see if Metrodeal can deal with this unfortunate event in their business life, or will this be the end for Metrodeal's good image?

So now we'll have to wait for their reply as I have emailed Metrodeal support and attached my Uncle's payment confirmation as well as the vouchers emailed to him. 

In this case, even if Ensemble e-travel failed to commit to the one thousand plus clients who purchased the vouchers, Metrodeal will be on the frontline of complaints because they are the ones who made Ensemble's scam happen. It is their fault at one point because before a merchant gains approval to become a business partner of Metrodeal, they do meet ups and probably visited the offices of their future business partners  and once they get to know the company and their capabilities to commit on a certain deal, approval comes next, so comes sales for both of them.

I would like to appeal to Metrodeal to commit with the victims of this scam and let them celebrate Christmas with a smile in Palawan with the complete package that was written in their vouchers. 

Soon I'll be blogging on how Metrodeal dealt with e-travel scam victims. Thanks for reading this.

Feel free to comment if you also are a victim of this scam, and share if there's any progress or failure on their part to commit with you.




Anything that passes through your mind, write it. Anything you see that makes you feel great, write it. Sharing what's on your mind and heart will create a boost in your self confidence. You will feel relieved if you reveal a part of you that's been wanting to burst out in ages. Though not all may seem to be a positive thing, it's still a great feeling of release.  Most of us have not experienced being out in the open, being able to express everything they feel, being appreciated or wanted, and yet, one day it will still happen. Our destiny was carved in the depths, only we have to dig into it until we reach self fulfillment. Sometimes, people seem to not be contented on what they have at the present time, they wished for this and that, they get it, thought it's not much, they wished again, they get it, and wished and so on...  No contentment at all.. On the other hand, it's a good thing you wish for something and worked hard in achieving it, you deserve it. They say that one is enough, two is too much but then discontentment still arises once you get what you wanted, and again and again.  You may not have everything you ever hoped for, but there's one point in your life that you have achieved the level of fulfillment you've always wanted to experience. Just be contented and be thankful with what you have, and what you are right now, for others may not be as lucky as you are in experiencing the edge of living the great life.

Wishful thinking


Perseverance and a positive outlook in life makes one a successful and an outstanding part in a community.  One who is not overwhelmed by doubts and one who cares about dreams and aspirations should be recognized as personality-ful.  Imagination in all aspects of life creates a wonderful person in you. It only shows that you could make a world full of hopes and dreams and knowing one day it will all come true.  The kid in you still stays even  if you have lots of kids , grown up kids and grand kids for that matter. You must level it out and capture everything life has to offer. You don't just sit there and wait for destiny to take its place, rather work on it, reach for it, and soon , very soon , you have carved a destiny designed by you alone.  It's a great feeling if you know that there are ways to accomplish things, and not blocking options or alternatives on a certain angle. It only shows that a person, no matter how hard it is to attain something you've longed for a very long time, still has a way of fulfilling and making things happen. 

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